This fun little creature is a proposed mascot for Pascall’s Allsorts; creating an embodiment of their brand values and  helping them target a young audience.
The character's body emulates the shape of an allsort and its layers of bright colours reflect the different colours of allsorts that come in a Pascall’s bag (pink, orange, yellow, and white). The ‘hair’ on its head and tail is a visual link to the black licorice twists that also come in a bag of Allsorts. The only lolly that's not included in the main design, as it is not licorice, is the aniseed ball covered in pink and blue hundreds-and-thousands. Instead I used this to inspire a side-kick character. 
Pascall’s Allsorts are marketed as being lollies to have at parties and fun events. Therefore I gave my characters props such as a balloon, party hats, and a party tooter, and also only showed them expressing positive emotions.