This was my major project for the Honours year of my design degree. The project aims to educate unfamiliar tourist and urban-dwelling motorists about  appropriate behaviour around equine road users in New Zealand.
'Dear Driver' is a fun, lighthearted road safety campaign that encourages compassion for horses and riders on the road. The campaign consists of a two part strategy: fast-consumable, humorous, and impactful animated gifs disseminated through social media, and a website that acts as a campaign base and resource.
New Zealand has limited off-road equine recreational areas, unfortunately forcing most New Zealand horse owners to exercise their horses on public roads. The rapid expansion of urban boundaries, rising urban population, and increasing tourism mean that more encounters between equine road users and unfamiliar motorists are likely to occur and the need for education is becoming vital - creating a clear opportunity for my Dear Driver campaign.
Using gifs as my main communication method allows me to hide a serious safety message inside eye-catching and playful content that the audience wants to engage with. The Dear Driver gifs, which are a mix of traditional animation and 2D computer animation, dramatically illustrate the consequences of unsafe motorist behaviour; equipping motorists with the knowledge of how horses can react with the aim of influencing the way they behave during future encounters with an equine road users.